The Antacid Shortage!

If the lingering pandemic and the state of the world are making you sick to your stomach – you’ve got a lot of company! So many people have upset stomachs that over-the-counter antacid medications are becoming hard to find!

It’s being called “pandemic stomach”… And people are having trouble finding products like TumsPepcid, and generic versions of the medication. The high demand is also causing some stores to limit shoppers to two packets of antacid per trip to discourage hoarding!

But stress isn’t the only reason people are hoarding antacids. It’s also because preliminary studies suggested the active ingredient in them could reduce the symptoms of coronavirus. That’s why there was a sales spike in October when President Trump was treated for coronavirus and was given antacid medication, along with zinc and vitamin D.

Another reason for the run on heartburn meds: People are eating worse since the pandemic began. They’re stress eating – with sales of comfort foods and alcohol surging.

Weight gain also triggers acid reflux – hello quarantine 15!

Companies that make over-the-counter medications are trying to meet demand. But for the time being, antacids are in short supply!