The Don’ts For Your Online Dating Profile Photo!

Researchers examined hundreds of dating profiles, and here are the biggest mistakes people make:

  • First: The charming picture of you holding a friend’s baby. Baby-holding doesn’t make you look sensitive – it makes you look like a parent. Certainly, if you have kids, you need to be truthful, but your main profile picture should be of you alone. You can always add the baby-holding photo to your gallery, but make sure you explain whether the baby is yours, or your sister’s.
  • Another picture not to post on your dating profile: You dressed up for Halloween. No matter how much you look like Elvis, if you normally wear chinos and a polo shirt, that’s the picture you should post. Because you want the world to see the “real” you. And ladies, the shot of you as Cat Woman, in skin tight bodysuit, is not giving off the “long-term relationship” vibe.
  • Another dating profile no-no: Group photos. A picture of you and your friends rock climbing may show your adventurous side. But it also might make people wonder which one is you. Even worse, they might start “comparison shopping” and decide your friends are cuter!
  • The final dating profile no-no: Posting a picture of yourself in a bikini, or a close-up of your six-pack abs. No matter how good you look, most people who post body shots just want to play the field. And potential dates who want a significant other will simply pass you by.