The Latest Pandemic Hobby: Canning!

Just like other old-timey hobbies – like knitting and baking – canning websites and Facebook pages dedicated to canning are booming, and retailers across the country are reporting massive surges in sales of supplies. And right now is prime time for canning – late summer.

One hardware store in Amish country that sells canning supplies says sales are up 600% over last year. And mason jars by Ball are on back-order – they’re the largest consumer manufacturer of canning jars and lids in the United States.

Now, a lot of canning retailers anticipated this shortage when they saw how seeds were selling earlier in the pandemic. Because the gardens people planted in spring are literally bearing fruit right now. So of course there was going to be a run on mason jars!

Beyond mason jars and lids, sales of the all-American Pressure Cooker, used by serious canners, are off the charts. Sales have doubled this year.

And psychologically, having a few jars of your own jam, or your own canned tomatoes, can give people a sense of security… It’s that pioneer spirit that says, “Okay, I’m ready for winter.”