The Newest Girl Scout Cookie Is a Raspberry Version of Thin Mints

Thin Mints are the most popular Girl Scout cookie.  So a spin-off does kind of make sense . . .

The Girl Scouts just unveiled their newest cookie . . . a RASPBERRY version of Thin Mints, minus the mint part.

They’re called Raspberry Rallys, and they’re billing them as a “sister” cookie to Thin Mints.  They look identical on the outside, but the inside is bright pink.

You can’t get them yet, but they’ll be joining the lineup next year.  And you won’t have to wait TOO long.

Their site has a countdown ticker that says they’ll be out in early January.  And they’ll also be the Girl Scouts’ first “online exclusive” cookie

You’ll still be able to buy them from your local Girl Scouts.  But you have to order online, and they mail them to you.