The Top Reasons Men Don’t Want to Get Married

They want the kids, the house and the intimacy that goes along with being married, but according to new research, a lot of young men just don’t want the WIFE. Here’s the scoop from For a study called “The State of Our Unions” – men between the ages of 25 and 33 were surveyed to find out whether they wanted to commit themselves to a serious relationship – and if not, why not. Most DIDN’T – and here are the top reasons they gave for clinging to their single status.

  • First: They want to own a house before they get a wife. Men want to be financially “set” before they marry, and for a lot of guys, this means buying a home before an engagement ring.
  • Next: The social pressures to marry just aren’t there anymore. Today’s young men don’t face the same traditional pressures past generations did – from religion, to pressure to have grandkids, or needing a wife to look responsible to employers. Most men in the study said their parents are willing to help support them – and even allow them to move back home – until they’re ready to marry.
  • Another reason young men are reluctant to commit: They fear marriage will require too many changes and compromises.A lot of men savor their freedom to enjoy hobbies, late nights out with the boys, and even the freedom from extra financial burdens. They think marriage will cramp their style and gouge their bank account.
  • Also: Men want to wait until they’re older to have children. Women have to worry about their biological clocks, but men don’t.
  • One last reason men don’t marry: They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks. Men feel that their financial assets are better protected if they simply live with a woman rather than marry her. They fear an ex-wife will want to take all their money if they end up getting divorced. Despite all those reasons men want to stay single – statistics show that 90% of all people WILL get married at some point in their lives.