Tips For Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree

  • The freshest trees are the ones you cut yourself. So drive out to a tree farm and make an event out of it. You can find a list of farms at Just plug in your U.S. zip code or click on the Canada link.
  • If you’ll be going to a Christmas tree lot – and they have a list of those too on – pick one that keeps the trees out of the sun. The sun dries out trees prematurely.
  • When you get to the lot, ask the manager when the trees were cut – not when they were delivered. When they were cut determines how fresh they are.
  • Also, check the bark for green spots. Some growers spray trees with dye to enhance the color. That’s according to Dr. Don Reed, a forestry professor at Louisiana State University.
  • Once your tree is home,never let the water get low enough to expose the cut bottom of the tree trunk, and don’t add aspirin or alcohol to the water – it doesn’t do any good.
  • Here are the best trees for withstanding indoor environments:
    • The Leyland Cypress. It’s a Southern tree that lasts a long time – but the limbs aren’t the sturdiest, so hang heavy ornaments in toward the trunk. It’s also good for people with allergies because it has virtually no scent.
    • Also good for people with allergies: the Eastern White Pine Tree.
    • Another good pick for longevity: The Noble Fir or a Fraser Fir. They both have thick branches, can stay fresh for a month, and hold on to dead needles instead of dropping them all over your floor.
    • If you do have allergies, know this: Christmas trees actually remove pollen from the air. So, your allergy attack is most likely coming from mold on the tree – which is common. That’s whysome Christmas tree dealers will have “shakers” that not only shake off the loose needles, but also the dust and mold on the tree. Find out if your dealer has one of these, or at least give a good shake before bringing it in your house.


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