Treat Your Allergies The Natural Way!

If you want a more natural way to treat your spring allergies, one of these alternative remedies could be the fix for you:

  • If you’ve got pollen allergies, studies show that vitamin C can lower the levels of histamines in your bloodstream. And histamines are the chemicals produced by an allergic reaction that cause swelling, sneezing, and itching. Your best bet: Get your C from natural sources like oranges, grapefruit, broccoli, and onions. But, start slowly. Experts say that some people with pollen allergies are also allergic to certain types of fresh produce, including apples, bananas, tomatoes, melons and cherries.
  • Then, if you’d like a natural remedy for hay fever, try: Butterbur. Several studies have found that supplements that contain butterbur are as effective at reducing nasal congestion as over-the-counter allergy medicines. And side effects are rare.
  • The last natural allergy-fighter also gives traditional meds a run for their money: Quercetin. It’s a powerful antioxidant found in foods like onions, apples, berries, and tea. It can reduce allergy symptoms, like the inflammation that causes nasal congestion and eye irritation. Plus, research shows that quercetin helps reduce the immune response to certain allergens, like pollen and ragweed.

Just remember: If you’re taking prescription meds for allergies, talk to your doctor about all the supplements you’re taking – or plan to take. That’s because supplements can interact with prescription drugs in dangerous ways.