Vandals & Thieves Hit Holiday Displays In Mankato & Eagle Lake

It appears there are some “Grinches” on the prowl in Mankato and Eagle Lake…and they have their sights set on outdoor Christmas displays.

In Mankato, a woman has told police that a vehicle stopped in front of her yard around 4:00am Saturday and took a couple of rotating colored Christmas lights that she had displayed.

In Eagle Lake, Joshua Norton says he’s had two sets of outdoor lights clipped by someone. Norton says he first thought it may have been a rodent chewing through the wires, but with a close inspection the second time around, he found that the wires were cut “smooth and straight.”

Meantime, at the City Center Hotel in Mankato, a decorated Christmas tree that had gone missing is now back in place.

The hotel reported early Sunday morning that two men had unplugged the lights on the tree and carried it off – and were last seen getting into an elevator with the tree.  Police were called, but it was housekeeping which later found the tree in one of the rooms. City Center Hotel staff says no harm was done and the men were apparently just trying to make their room more festive.

No word on if eggnog was involved in the “treenapping,” but we’re guessing that alcohol of some kind was a factor.


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