What’s the Pokemon equivalent of rickrolling? Poke-rolling? Pika-rolling? Whatever it is, Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds did that.

The voice of the titular electric mouse sleuth pointed his Twitter followers on Tuesday to an “Inspector Pikachu” account with a link, seemingly, to the full leaked movie of Detective Pikachu.

“Um…. Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros,” Reynolds wrote, apparently notifying the studio of the breach.

But, if you watch the video, the logos for Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and The Pokemon Company appear on screen before a brief scene plays out with actor Justice Smith, playing Tim Goodman in the film. He turns and then… the video commences with about 1 hour and 45 minutes of the Detective Pikachu character just cutting loose on the dance floor.

It’s both one of the best trolling pranks by a celebrity and also, arguably, one of the best marketing techniques. It’s definitely on brand for Reynolds’ sense of humor.