Gwyneth Paltrow dropped by Saturday Night Live‘s new “Weekend Update,” and was a good sport about making fun of herself and her lifestyle company, Goop.

The segment began with the return of Heidi Gardner’s recurring character, Baskin Johns, a Goop staffer who cannot overcome her nerves when it comes to selling the company’s famously extravagant products.

In a fit of fear over failing, she brings on her own boss, Fifer James, played by Paltrow, and the pair nervously try to sell Goop products while fearing the wrath of their main boss (who would be, in real life, Paltrow herself).

“I need your help, because I’m really afraid that Gwyneth’s gonna fire me,” Baskin stammered.

“No, she doesn’t believe in firing, remember?” Fifer replied. “It’s called conscious unemploying.”