Six-Dates-in-One-Night Justin Speaks Out, Says ‘I’m Looking For Love’

By Tuesday afternoon, Justin’s Monday night scheduling kerfuffle had ricocheted around the Internet. The man had seriously tried to book six dates in one night at the same bar, only to find the whole plan collapse into Twitter infamy.

He told his side of the story to Inside Edition last night, and offered up something of an explanation and apology.

“I’m looking for love … I never said let’s go on a date. I always say, let’s meet for drinks,” Justin told the outlet, asking they leave his last name out of it for what we presume are obvious reasons. If I did go on a date you will know. If it’s a date, there will be flowers and dinner and some other cool things involved.”

Cool, cool.

Meanwhile, five of the six women also told their tale on Good Morning America.

“We just decided it was too ridiculous not share … we just figured this guy needed to be called out,” said Lissette Pylant, whose live tweetstorm of the affair alerted the world to the situation going down at the Truxton Inn.

Justin declined an invitation to go on the morning show, but he did send in a statement explaining that he is actually looking for love. “These aren’t dates, but preliminary conversations,” he said.

Kali Bowers, aka date number four, responded on air: “This wasn’t a preliminary conversation. This was speed dating—and we didn’t know about it.”

While Justin had justified his behavior to Pylant—”I’m a project manager. I manage my time efficiently,” he reportedly told her that night—it appears he does have some regrets.

“It was a mistake. I’m not going to deny who I am and I’m not going to deny that I want to meet a bunch of people,” Justin told Inside Edition, “but I approached this wrong and I am sorry for that.”

Things were rather less cordial, though, when the whole crew reunited on MTV in a predictably uncomfortable encounter.



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