This is the sweet moment three kids adorably react to their mom finding out she passed the California Bar Exam. Danyelle Clark-Gutierrez, 33, suffers with PTSD after serving as a linguist in the U.S. Air Force, and the entire day ahead of her results her service dog, sensing she was nervous, wouldn’t leave her side. The moment marked the end of a long and difficult journey for Dany, who had failed the examination twice – once because of bad luck and the other through her altruistic actions. When she took her first exam, she failed by just one-and-a-half questions and the second time, she said, a woman next to her in the exam room needed help after passing out. Factors around studying for the exam made life tough as Dany was caring for a young daughter and commuting for a job that required her to drive two hours each way. But after taking the examination for the third time in October 2020 – and having studied since May 2019 – she eagerly awaited the January 12 results. In her living room in Whittier, California, Dany’s husband Victor, who was also in the USAF, began recording as his wife opened her laptop.