Security cameras outside a Washington state car service store captured the moment two men stole an entire Pepsi vending machine — despite the police station right across the street.

Ryan King, owner of the ProFormance Lube Center in Spokane Valley, said he arrived for work Wednesday morning and immediately noticed something rather large was missing.

“We have had small thefts, but nothing this drastic,” King told KHQ-TV. “As soon as we got in we could tell it was gone.”

King reviewed surveillance camera footage and saw two men tipping the 700-pound “monstrosity” of a machine into the bed of a pickup truck.

“I was amazed because it’s pretty heavy,” King said. “It just goes to show how brazen criminals are.”

The theft was made all the more unbelievable by the fact that the store is across the street from a police station.

“I doubt I’ll ever get the machine back,” King said. “But I’d like to see those two spend a couple of nights in the iron bar hotel.”

The owner said it appeared that thieves had attempted to steal the machine a few weeks before, but weren’t able to do more than cut the power cord and knock it over.