WEIRD NEWS: Burglar Steals Zebra Head From Home

An Alaska woman is being fitted for a black-and-white-striped prison uniform, which is the perfect outfit for someone who was caught stealing a mounted zebra head.

Stacy Scott tells police that she came home last week to find that her house had been burglarized. She reviewed footage from her security camera and saw a strange woman enter the house through an unlocked door. She then filled up a bag of small items, including prescription drugs, chowed down on some ice cream from the freezer and then pulled a mounted zebra head off the wall.

Next, cameras caught her running out of the house with the zebra head and hopping into a waiting taxi that served as her getaway car. Cops got in touch with the taxi company and were able to track down the thief. 38-year-oldĀ Desiree Fuller was arrested at a motel and charged with burglary and theft. The zebra head was returned to its rightful place on its owner’s wall.



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