A maskless and hungry woman went into a California KFC and threatened to stab somebody if she didn’t get some mashed potatoes and chicken.

The deeply-troubled woman, who is clearly a few herbs and spices short of a recipe, was denied service because she refused to wear a mask. After an employee told her several time that she had to put one on, she jumped up on the counter and started demanding her mashed potatoes and chicken. She then appeared to point her knife and said she’d stab a worker if she didn’t get it. At one point the worker pleaded with her to get off the counter saying it was the company’s police to refuse service to someone not wearing a mask and that he would get fired if he served her. She responded by insisting that he doesn’t work there, even though he was wearing a uniform and very clearly worked there.

Eventually, the woman jumped off the counter and left hangry. It’s unclear whether she’s been arrested.