Viewers Really, Really Hate That Apple ‘What’s a Computer?’ Commercial

“What’s a computer?”

That’s the conversation-sparking line in Apple’s latest ad for iPad Pro that is driving viewers crazy on Twitter. In the commercial, a kid uses the iPad to do everything over the course of a day spent biking around the city: chat with friends, write a zine about bugs, make art. At the end of the day, blissfully unaware of the original machine that is technically powering her activity, a neighbor asks what the kid is doing on the computer. iPads, apparently, are a whole different level of technology.

But some people on the internet are simply not O.K. with Apple’s insistence that a computer has already become an obsolete item in 2018, sounding off insistently about it, expressing that Apple is a computer company at heart — and should be promoting their core product.

Or have they transcended the humble computer?

Good morning to EVERYONE except the “wHaT’s A cOmPuTeR????” girl from the iPad commercial

How does that kid in the iPad commercial know like every species of bug but not know what a computer is

That iPad pro “what’s a computer” commercial makes me so mad, if my kid ever talked back to me like that I’d punt that iPad and say That was a computer, punk.

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