Viral Video a Fake???

Earlier this week, harrowing nanny-cam footage of a 2-year-old rescuing a twin brother who’d gotten pinned underneath a fallen dresser went viral, garnering millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. But now some skeptics are wondering whether the video was a hoax, a notion the boys’ father dismissed in an interview with CNN. Still, The New York Post lays out the following reasons for why some folks think the video is suspect:

  • An empty dresser:There are no clothes or items in any of the dresser’s eight drawers.
  • The nanny-cam’s direction:The camera is trained on the dresser instead of the boy’s bed.
  • No parental watch:Some thought it was suspicious that neither of the parents heard the dresser fall or the kids yelling.
  • The father’s connection:Ricky Shoff works for Vivint Smart Home, the company that sells the nanny-cam that captured the incident.  So, what do you think?  Real or faked?


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