(Mankato, MN) – A Waseca man has been convicted of felony criminal sexual conduct for raping a teen who was passed out at a party shortly before he turned 18.

As part of a plea deal, Jack Roger Zimmerman, now 21-years-old, agreed to plead guilty to an added 4th-degree felony criminal sexual conduct charge if prosecutors dismissed multiple felony counts of 1st and 2nd-degree criminal sexual conduct against him.   Charges of 5th-degree assault and social host ordinance violation were also dropped.

The plea deal, signed in February, specifies that Zimmerman was to receive a five-year stay of imposition and 60 days in jail.  If he successfully complies with his probation conditions, his felony conviction will be reduced to a misdemeanor.  His jail time will be served on work release.

Blue Earth County Court Judge Mark Betters also ordered that Zimmerman attend a sex offender treatment program and avoid all contact with the victim.  Zimmerman is also not allowed to access or use the internet without approval and must not own or operate a device with internet capabilities.  He must also pay $2,077 in fines.

Zimmerman was also convicted of gross misdemeanor DWI in February 2018.

Zimmerman was accused of the rape in October 2016 after inviting a group of teens to his parent’s Madison Lake.  His 17-year-old victim told investigators she was black-out drunk at the party when she woke up to find Zimmerman having sex with her while restraining her arms.  She told police friends were knocking on the door telling Zimmerman to let her out.

An exam found bite marks, bruising, and abrasions on multiple areas of the victim’s body.

Witnesses confirmed the victim was extremely drunk and described Zimmerman as being “super aggressive.”

Zimmerman was tried as an adult.

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