Weird Room Service Requests

Morning coffee and midnight snacks aren’t the only things people are calling room service for. According to a new global survey by, some of the weirdest room service requests include “diet water,” melted ice cream, and rice bowls for their dogs. Other weird room service requests hotel employees say they’ve received include boiled bottled water, bison, and blowfish – a fish that is poisonous unless prepared correctly. One guest even asked that the hotel kitchen cook a fish they’d brought with them.

The survey also found that room service use is on the rise, with 30% of travelers spending at least $125 a night on their room service bill. When it comes to more normal room service requests, burgers are the most popular menu item at 40%, beating out the club sandwich, pizza, and fries. 55% of hotels reported seeing an increase in vegan orders over the past year.