What Does Your Valentine’s Day Gift Say About You?

What did you get for Valentine’s Day? The gift your partner chose says a lot about your relationship, everything from “just friends,” to “seriously in love!” You can also apply this to birthday gifts. Let’s start with the real romantic stuff: 

  • First: Perfume. The experts say that means, “Be my girlfriend!” Perfume is an intimate gift, and it means he wants to be close enough to smell you. 

  • Another Valentine’s Day gift that speaks volumes: An electronic device, like a tablet. If you needed a tablet, it shows he’s thoughtful and practical, and thinking about your needs. 

  • So, what if he arranged a weekend getaway? It means he’s feeling super-romantic, and wants to boost those “falling in love” feelings by spending some quality time with you. 

  • And if you got diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day? Our experts say: “You’re engaged to be engaged.” It’s like a diamond ring for your ears. And he’ll probably wait for a day that’s not a major holiday to pop the question. 

Okay, so what are the not-so-romantic gifts you might have gotten? 

  • First: A-dozen red roses. Flowers could mean one of three things: 1. He’s traditional. 2. He couldn’t think of anything creative or original. Or 3. It could be all about him. After all, flower arrangements are big and showy. And since you probably plopped them front-and-center on your desk, it makes everyone think he’s wonderful for sending them. It’s all about looking like a great guy – even if he’s not.

  • So, what if your Valentine gave you a box of chocolates? It probably means: “Let’s be friends.” After all, he could’ve given the same gift to his grandmother, or his 6-year-old niece.

  • Finally: What should you think if your Valentine gave you something super-practical, like a frying pan? Our expert says it means: Break up with me — I’m an idiot.