What Homebuyers & Owners Want Now!

What features do homebuyers want these days? Here’s the latest list from the National Association of Realtors – and the National Association of Home Builders.

Coming in at #1: More than anything else, homeowners want a laundry room! People want somewhere to stack all the clean laundry until it finally gets put away. It keeps the mess out of living spaces. That’s why 91% of homebuyers want a separate laundry room.

The next most important feature to homebuyers is: A patio. In today's housing market, outdoor living spaces have become the most coveted outdoor home feature.
It offers living space without the cost of a large-scale home addition. 87% of homebuyers want a patio.

And here’s something that surprised me… 85% of homebuyers want ceiling fans! That’s because energy-efficient ceiling fans can also help lower cooling costs. Ceiling fans create a wind-chill effect that helps cool the people sitting in a room by 4 degrees.

A few other things that made the top 10 list of what homebuyers want: Exterior lighting, a walk-in pantry, and garage storage space.