What If Someone Coughs Or Sneezes On You?

We all know we’re supposed to avoid people who seem sick, but that’s not always possible. So what should we do if someone actually sneezes or coughs on us?

Clinical professor Dr. Frederick Sherman at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine has this advice…

Dr. Sherman says, if you find yourself in a high-risk scenario in which someone sneezes or coughs near you, immediately exhale to avoid inhaling droplets or aerosols. Purse your lips to make the exhaling last longer. Turn your head fully away from the person and begin walking.

This method won’t definitively protect you from COVID-19, but it could reduce how much of the virus you’re exposed to if the person who coughs or sneezes happens to be contagious.

You’re more likely to get sick if you inhale higher doses of the virus. And the amount of time you’re exposed to infected particles also matters in terms of transmission; the longer you’re around them, the more time the virus has to get into your system.

You should also be vigilant about wearing face masks, which offer the best protection against the virus. And when you get home, wash your mask and wear a fresh one the next time you go out.

Source:  tesh.com