What You Notice First In A Person Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

So here’s a list of things people notice, and an explanation of what you’re like if you focus on that feature. This comes from psychiatrist Dr. Richard Proctor:

  • If you notice someone’s hands first: You are down-to-earth, practical, self-sufficient and career minded. You admire people who can grapple with a problem and solve it.
  • If you’re an eye person: You are primarily interested in what people have to say and what their thoughts, tastes and interests are. You have no time for superficiality. You’re a person who cares.
  • If you look at someone’s smile first: You’re organized, interested in quality, and you have an eye on the future.

These are the physical features you notice when you meet somebody for the first time and what it says about your personality.

  • If you notice fingernails: You’re a perfectionist. You’re patient but you’re not satisfied with anything unless it’s absolutely right.
  • If hair catches your attention: You have a creative, artistic personality. You have a taste for form, beauty and originality.
  • And if you check out someone’s mouth or lips first: You’re very conscious of how people react to you. You’re sensitive and need the approval of others.

Source:  tesh.com