Why Do Mosquitos Love You?

Hot weather means mosquitoes and according to Dr. Jerry Butler, a professor of entomology at the University of Florida, no matter how much bug spray you douse yourself with, you may be sending signals that you want to be bitten. In fact, one in 10 people are highly attractive to mosquitoes. For example, you’re attracting mosquitoes if.

  • You have a high concentration of cholesterol on the surface of your skin. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you have high cholesterol – the kind you have to worry about. Some people are more efficient at processing cholesterol, and the byproducts remain on the skin’s surface.
  • Another thing that attracts mosquitoes – your smelly feet. The bacteria in Limburger cheese is also found on the human foot and mosquitoes love the Limburger! So keep your feet clean and dry – and in ventilated shoes. And throw out your stinky old sneakers before you go for a hike in the woods. Know this: rubber soled flip flops make your feet stink more than leather soled flip-flops.
  • Mosquitoes also love beer and they can tell if you’ve been drinking. A Japanese study found a significant increase in mosquito bites on people who drank just 12 ounces of beer.
  • Mosquitoes are also attracted to bright colors – as opposed to a neutral, like khaki.
  • You can even attract mosquitoes just by breathing. Certain mosquitoes can sense the carbon dioxide you exhale from as far away as 40 miles! So if you’re exercising and huffing and puffing – they’ll zero in. They also love sweat because they’re attracted to the lactic acid that you excrete.
  • They like movement. So try to stay still when they’re around you. They find their target over long distances by odor, but they make their final choice visually. So when you wave your arms to keep them away, you’re really saying c’mon aboard fellas and suck my blood!

Source:  tesh.com