Why You Should Eat The Same Breakfast Every Day!

Breakfast eaters, new research says: Eat the same breakfast every day. Not only will you be able to better control your weight – you’ll be a better decision maker!

According to the University of Buffalo, when the calories people consumed for breakfast fluctuated, they ended up gaining weight. And that was true no matter how much people ate the rest of the day. The researchers believe that having a variety of tastes and textures encourages overeating. Because when the study’s participants were only given one set menu option, they tended to eat less of it.

And eating the same breakfast every day can also make you a better decision makerFlorida State University psychologist Dr. Roy Baumeister says every decision we make saps our willpower a little, making it harder to make good decisions as the day wears on. He calls it “decision fatigue.” So by eliminating unimportant, willpower-zapping choices – like what to have for breakfast – you have more willpower leftover to make smart decisions when it really matters.

Source:  tesh.com