(Windom, MN) – A Windom couple was arrested and face charges after a five-year-old called to report alleged domestic abuse in his home.

Jessica Nicole Limkeman, 27, and Levi Dewayne Hillman, 35, both face gross misdemeanor charges in Cottonwood County Court stemming from the June 9th incident.  Limkeman was charged with domestic assault, while Hillman is charged with interrupting emergency telephone communications.

According to the criminal complaint, a 5-year-old boy called 911 shortly before 3 p.m. on June 9th and said “my mom needs to go to jail.” Hillman then allegedly got on the phone to say everything was okay.  The dispatcher heard a baby wailing in the background, so investigators responded to the residence.

Limkeman had her hand wrapped in a towel and ice pack when police arrived.  She was apparently angry that investigators were talking to her son and began yelling.  She was taken outside away from the children and arrested.

As Limkeman was being arrested, Hillmann allegedly locked the door of the house and refused to come out.  According to the criminal complaint, police told him they would kick in the door if he didn’t open it.  He refused and officers were “able to gain entry into the residence,” according to the complaint.  Hillman was then arrested.

In an interview with police, the boy said his mother slapped his dad in the face, then hit the door as his father was trying to leave.  He said he wanted the police to take his mother to jail, according to the complaint.  The boy told investigators he had been scared, so he called 911 on his mother’s phone.

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