You’ve Gotta Fight For Your Right, To Disconnect

When your workday is over, is it really ever over? Or do you continue to get bombarded with emails, calls, and texts from the office? It would be great to be able to completely disconnect from work, and a proposed bill in California aims to do just that. A state lawmaker named Matt Haney from San Francisco has introduced Assembly Bill 2751, otherwise known as the “right to disconnect” bill, which will guarantee workers in California the right to enjoy their personal time after work hours without having to deal with work-related matters. Haney says, “Work has changed drastically compared to what it was just 10 years ago. Smartphones have blurred the boundaries between work and home life. Workers shouldn’t be punished for not being available 24/7 if they’re not being paid for 24 hours of work.” The bill would apply to public and private employers and is similar to bills already adopted by 13 other countries including France, Ireland, Mexico and Spain.