You’ve Gotta Get A GOAT!

If you’ve ever wanted to own a goat, there’s never been a better time than now, because you can get as many as you’d like … for free! All you have to do is travel to a small Italian island called Alicudi [pr: ali-kudi] and take one – or several, if you’d like. You’d actually be doing the island a big favor, because the goat population has gotten so out of control that there are now six times as many goats as people on the island. Mayor Riccardo Gullo launched his “adopt-a-goat” program to encourage goat lovers to come and take them off the island. He says, “Anyone can make a request for a goat. It doesn’t have to be a farmer, and there are no restrictions on numbers.” He adds that while no one will be questioned about what they plan to do with their adopted goats, their hope is that the animals will become domesticated pets and not food.