Eat To Soothe Your Feelings!

It makes us feel better emotionally! Because things like cookies, chips, and pizza temporarily trigger the release of feel-good chemicals. But it’s followed by a crash that leaves us feeling worse than before – and craving MORE comfort food. So here’s what we should eat instead, according to the book “Eat Your Feelings”…

If you’re stressed, reach for walnuts or avocado toast. Those foods have zinc and magnesium; two nutrients that can calm your nerves. You’ll also get a dose of healthy fat from the nuts and avocado, which can help you make better decisions by improving brain function.

So what should you eat if you’re brokenhearted? Grab a banana and some dark chocolate. They’re also loaded with magnesium, to boost your serotonin levels, and improve your mood.

One more healthy comfort food: If you’re tired, drink something. Not alcohol, which is a sedative and will make things worse. Try water or tea. Because even being slightly dehydrated can make you feel even more fatigued. That’s because a lack of fluids forces your heart to work harder.

If you want to go further, the book is called “Eat Your Feelings.”