New Yorkers Smoke A LOT Of Weed

Some number-crunchers at the Center For The Advancement Of Health have figured out that people who live in New York City consume more marijuana than anywhere else in the world.

The good people of Sydney, Australia, came in second place — even though cannabis is illegal in the country.

Prices of weed around the world vary, of course. Tokyo has the most expensive stuff, at about $33 per gram. That’s compared to about $12 a gram in New York City — and about $7 a gram in Portland, Oregon, which is the cheapest in the U.S. If you really want to go bargain hunting, consider a trip to Montreal, Canada — cheapest in the world — where a gram costs an average of $5.90.

In general, it looks like the average price of cannabis in the U.S. is dropping — and could fall to as little as $5.61 by 2030.