(St. Paul, MN) – Some go for the rides, some go for the music…all go for the food.

The Great Minnesota State Get-Together is known for its selection of unique foods that will delight the eater in you.  The fair has now officially announced 31 new food items that will be available throughout the fairgrounds during the course of the fair.

Adding to an already extensive and impressive list of state fair vittles, here are the 31 new flavors state fair foodies need to try.  Click on a photo to begin a slideshow of the foods:

  • Bada Bing: Italian-inspired warm flatbread sandwich with ham, salami, melted mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil and creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

    Available at: The Sandwich Stop

  • Blueberry Key Lime Pie: Blueberry Key lime filling in a graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream and fresh blueberries.

    Available at: Farmers Union Coffee Shop

  • Boozy Berries & ‘Barb Trifle
    Five-layer cold trifle with vanilla pound cake, lemon curd, Cannon River Gris wine and blueberry compote, more pound cake and Gris and rhubarb compote, topped with mint-infused fresh whipped cream and Gris and blueberry coulis.

    Available at: The Hideway Speakeasy

  • Breakfast Potato Skin:
    Deep-fried potato skin stuffed with scrambled eggs and peppers, topped with blackened beef chislic – a South Dakota bar food staple – and drizzled with bearnaise sauce.

    Available at: The Blue Barn

  • Carnitas Taco Cone
    Carnitas with a sesame-garlic ginger sauce, cabbage, lime and queso fresco, topped with green onion and sour cream and served in a deep-fried cone-shaped tortilla.

    Available at: San Felipe Tacos

  • Carolina Pit-Smoked Brisket Taco:
    Beef brisket pit-smoked over hickory charcoal, shredded and topped with smoked Gouda cheese, a pickled kale crunch made with kale, Brussels sprouts, carrots, radicchio, napa and red cabbage, with a drizzle of BBQ sauce; served in a flour tortilla with tortilla chips.

    Available at: Shanghaied Henri’s

  • Cheesy Sriracha Funnel Cake Bites:
    Bite-sized funnel cake pieces infused with a blend of Parmesan, Romano and mozzarella cheeses, deep-fried and finished with a sprinkle of sharp cheddar and chives, and served with homemade Sriracha aioli dipping sauce. Ranch or garlic butter dipping sauce is also available.

    Available at: Funnel Cakes

  • Cuban Fusion Fajita: Carnitas-style roast pork, deli-sliced ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and Juanita’s Fajitas’ signature mustard folded into a flour tortilla.

    Available at: Juanita’s Fajitas

  • Duck Drummies:
    Duck wings coated in a batter and seasoning blend, deep-fried and served with Giggles’ own tequila lime dipping sauce.

    Available at: Giggles’ Campfire Grill

  • Feta Bites
    Deep-fried Greek pasta dough stuffed with feta cheese, cream cheese and Dino’s Greek seasoning. Served with a creamy olive tapenade.

    Available at: Dino’s Gyros

  • Fried Tacos On-A-Stick:
    Two stuffed tacos – one filled with green chorizo and potatoes and one filled with a vegetarian black bean and corn mix – deep-fried, topped with crumbled cheese and a drizzle of guacamole salsa and served on-a-stick. (Aug. 28-Sept. 2 only)

    Available at: Midtown Global Market’s Taco Cat

  • Grilled Sota Sandwich:

    Cinnamon nut butter and Minnesota blueberry marmalade served warm on Irish soda bread. Gluten-free and dairy-free.

    Available at: Brim

  • Halo Cone:

    A swirled blend of cotton candy and blue raspberry soft serve ice cream in a halo of vanilla cotton candy and sprinkled with a mix of candy toppings.

    Available at: Rainbow Ice Cream

  • The Hot Hen:

    BBQ chips topped with smoked pulled buffalo chicken, blue cheese fondue, pickled jalapeños, tomatoes, green onions and blue cheese crumbles.

    Available at: RC’s BBQ

  • Irish Whiskey Boneless Wings:

    All-natural white chicken chunks, breaded, deep-fried, tossed in Irish whiskey BBQ sauce and garnished with chopped scallions. Gluten-free.

    Available at: O’Gara’s at the Fair

  • Jamm’in Brisket Grilled Cheese:

    Slow-smoked brisket, red onion jam, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses and RC’s hot BBQ sauce.

    Available at: RC’s BBQ

  • Joey Mary:

    An iced coffee slushie topped with a skewer of gluten-free baked goods, including a chocolate bite, honey toffee crunch and almond cookie.

    Available at: Brim

  • Lamb T-Bone Chops:

    All-natural, 100% grass-fed grilled lamb loins seasoned with Mama Fatima’s Holy Land Marinade.

    Available at: Holy Land

  • Lavender Lemonade:

    Pink lemonade made with fresh lavender leaves.

    Available at: Farmers Union Coffee Shop

  • No Bologna Coney:

    Italian mortadella pork sausage flavored with pistachios and Mancini’s pepper blend, served on a buttered and toasted split-top bun, and topped with mild muffuletta olive and pepper salad.

    Available at: Mancini’s al Fresco

  • Nordic Waffles in Pebbles & Bam Bam
    and Al Pastor varieties:

    Two new fresh-made waffle wraps: Pebbles & Bam Bam with warm Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cups and fruity cereal; and Waffle Al Pastor made with Mexican-style marinated pork, pineapple, onions, cilantro and salsa verde.

    Available at: Nordic Waffles

  • Shrimp & Grits Fritters:

    Aged cheddar grits, gulf shrimp, onions and Creole seasoning, deep-fried and served with aioli dipping sauce. Gluten-free.

    Available at: Funky Grits

  • Snow Cap Mini Waffle Sundae:

    Mini waffle topped with a scoop of Izzy’s cream cheese ice cream, warm real maple syrup and a maraschino cherry.

    Available at: Hamline Church Dining Hall

  • Stuffed Cabbage Roll:

    Cabbage leaves wrapped around seasoned ground pork and rice, prepared with tomato sauce and served with a dinner roll.

    Available at: iPierogi

  • Tipsy Pecan Tart:

    Pecan pie infused with Dubliner Irish Whiskey and baked in a buttery shortbread shell. Gluten-free.

    Available at: Sara’s Tipsy Pies

  • Turkish Pizza:

    A Turkish-style cracker-thin flatbread, authentically named Lahmacun, topped with spicy minced beef, onion, tomato, lettuce, cucumber salad, parsley, fresh herbs, a squeeze of lemon and garlic sauce, then rolled or folded.

    Available at: Blue Moon Dine-In Theater

  • Warm Cheesecake Tart:

    Cheesecake in a tart crust served warm with choice of chocolate, salted caramel or strawberry glaze or without topping.

    Available at: LuLu’s Public House

  • Wingwalker Donut Flight:

    An assortment of hot, deep-fried cake donut holes and three syringes with DIY fillings – Bavarian cream, chocolate custard and Minnesota lingonberry jam.

    Available at: The Hangar

  • Mini Donut Latte:

    A traditional latte with house-made mini donut flavoring, whole milk and espresso topped with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

    Available at: The Anchor Coffee House

  • Peaches n’ Cream Nachos:

    A bed of cinnamon sugar pita chips with Bridgeman’s Peaches n’ Cream ice cream, peach topping, a drizzle of honey and crushed pecans, finished with whipped cream, a cherry and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

    Available at: Bridgeman’s Ice Cream


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