Eve Dubois was so sure. Asked on Family Feud Canada to name Popeye’s favorite food, she quickly hit the buzzer, sang “chiiiiiicken” and began a victory dance. Her family was not dancing. “Oh my God,” one teammate moaned. The other contestant, Logan Tomlin, then gave the host the correct answer: “Spinach, Gerry.” Her Popeye’s/Popeyes confusion cost Dubois’ team $10,000, CNN reports. Her explanation, seen in a video of the Thursday show that went viral, set up what came next: “I thought you meant Popeyes chicken!”

There was no comment from the sailor man, but the chicken chain stepped up. “Our survey says you got that right,” Popeyes tweeted, along with a photo of a $10,000 chicken check made out to Dubois. “DM us to claim your $10,000 worth of Popeyes.” The company saw her answer as evidence of growing brand awareness in Canada, where it’s less established than it is in the US, per Adweek—surpassing even the cartoon character.

An executive said, “Her reaction and response was another great demonstration of how Popeyes is really part of culture and top of mind” in Canada, despite the fact that its restaurants don’t yet offer the chain’s chicken sandwich to Canadian customers.