“Changing can do a little good … The Dude abides.”

Yep, that’s Jeff Bridges bringing back The Dude (and trading in his beloved white Russians for beer brand Stella Artois) in a new Super Bowl LIII ad set to air during game time. Now we know exactly why Bridges was teasing his enduring character from The Big Lebowski last week. Obviously, pairing such an iconic presence with another, Carrie Bradshaw (who was at least zeitgeistian on Sex and the City), forms a team that one would never expect. Also, Carrie gave up cosmopolitians! It’s about damn time.

The spot debuted on TODAY, where Bridges and Sarah Jessica Parker talked about why they signed up for the ad, which is joint work between Stella Artois and the Water.org organization headed up by Matt Damon. As part of the #PourItForward campaign, the partnership aims to bring attention to the global water crisis by appealing to The Dude and Carrie fanbases. Bridges has explained why The Dude signed up:

“At his core, El Duderino would want to do the right thing. Especially when it’s as easy as ordering a Stella. What better time to bring him back than to help change the lives of people living without access to water, simply by switching up your order. Together with Stella, we can help make a big impact … and that’s something The Dude would abide, man.”