Source: YouTube

Lionel Richie was one of the masterminds of the 1985 charity single “We Are the World” . . . which featured artists like Michael JacksonBruce SpringsteenCyndi Lauper, and Bob Dylan.

But Lionel doesn’t think you could do something like that today with a roster of current pop stars . . . because they all sound the same.

He said, quote, “Put me together, one line per artist, and without looking at a photograph, tell me who that is singing.  One line, half a line.  Tell me who that is today . . .

“When you start thinking about vocalists, OK, who are the vocalists? . . . Bruce Springsteen, he could hum the phone book and you know it’s Bruce.  Tina Turner, you knew it was Tina. “Voices were different-sounding from one to the next.”

There’s actually a documentary about “We Are the World” coming to Netflix in a few weeks called “The Greatest Night in Pop“.