Are YOU A Nervous Flyer?

Do you spend the entire flight gripping the armrest, just waiting to be bumped and thumped as the plane encounters another air pocket? Where you’re flying to may determine how much turbulence you can expect, and a new report from Turbli, a turbulence forecasting company, has ranked the worst flight paths in the world for turbulence. The good news for domestic fliers is that no U.S. routes are in the top 10. If you are an international traveler, you should definitely tighten your seatbelt if you’re flying between Santiago, Chile, and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. That’s the most turbulent route in the world. The airspace over the Andes is especially ripe for a bumpy flight. In the United States, the most turbulent route in 2023 was from Nashville to Raleigh/Durham and experts cite the strong jet stream as the cause.