Bartenders Say No To THESE Drinks

Bartenders are around booze all the time, so they know what they like – and more importantly, they know what they don’t like. Topping the no-go list is the Long Island Iced Tea, a hangover generator with five kinds of liquor that some bartenders won’t even make for strangers. Close behind? The espresso martini, which bartenders warn is often made with plain old coffee that’s been sitting around all day. The mixed-drink naughty list is rounded out by a margarita — since most places use generic sour mix instead of the blend of juices the real recipe calls for. But worst of all? Draft beer. Daniel Yeom, the general manager of Santa Monica-based Esters Wine Shop & Bar, says you “don’t know the last time the draft system got cleaned,” so it “can be really nasty in there with fruit flies and gunk.”