Cabbage and Covid-19

We talk all the time about how some foods can boost immunity, fight disease, and improve health. Well, new research has found that one nutrient-packed powerhouse food may also be beneficial against the coronavirus: It’s cabbage!

That’s according to pulmonary medicine professor, Dr. Jean Bousquet from Montpellier University in France. His research finds that diet may play a larger role in determining who contracts the virus and how well they can fight it off.

The study analyzed the national diets of dozens of countries. And they found mortality rates were significantly lower in places where cabbage dishes are popular – like sauerkrautkimchi and cole slaw. That includes GermanyPolandGreeceRomaniaFinland, and South Korea. They also found fatalities from COVID-19 were much higher in countries with less cabbage consumption, including FranceSpainItaly, the UK, and the United States.

So, what is it about cabbage that’s protective against coronavirus? Well, whether it’s raw or fermented, cabbage contains antioxidants that remove compounds from the body that help viruses attack our cells. And that boosts immunity, and helps us fight off any viral cells we DO encounter.

That’s why Dr. Bousquet is now eating at least one serving of raw cabbagesauerkraut, or kimchi every day. And he says there’s no harm in EVERYONE doing it, too. It’s just another weapon in the arsenal to fight COVID-19.