Steve O’Neill mugshot

(Preston, MN) – A Mezeppa man faces criminal charges for allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and assaulting her new boyfriend.

Steven Craig O’Neill, 52, was charged with felony first-degree burglary and misdemeanor assault in Fillmore County Court on Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded to a home in Wykoff October 3, where a woman told officers she had been about to take a shower with a man she was dating when she noticed her dog go into a corner.  She told police the animal only does this around O’Neill.  She told police O’Neill suddenly appeared and hit her boyfriend in the head with a rock.

The woman said she had no idea how O’Neill had accessed the home, because she had made sure all the doors were locked before going upstairs, according to the complaint.  She told police she went to get a towel downstairs after her boyfriend was hit, and O’Neill slapped her.  Police say they observed a pink handprint on her face.

The male victim told police O’Neill appeared suddenly and hit him with the rock in the face, probably breaking his nose.  He told police he remembered hearing O’Neill shout something like “that’s my girlfriend,” before he was hit.

The woman said O’Neill has not lived at her residence for over a month.

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