How to Break Your Diet Plateau

Don’t let a diet plateau deter you from your weight loss goals. Because it could mean you’re on the right track! It’s all about your natural weight “set point!”

According to nutritionist Tamara Willner, that’s the weight your brain THINKS you should be, because you’ve weighed that amount for a while. And your brain and body will fight to maintain that set point – say, by boosting your metabolism if your brain senses you’ve overeaten, or slowing your metabolism if your brain senses you’re starving!

Well, recent studies show it takes at least 8 weeks for your brain to “reset” that point, higher or lower. And Willner says the 8 week plateau is a sign your brain is adjusting to a new normal – or set point.

So, you need to give any change in your lifestyle at least 8 weeks to know if it’s working. And then, give yourself another 8 weeks before you even think about giving up… so your brain has time to adjust to your new weight set point.