Corona may have just made the traditional six-pack a thing of the past.

In an effort to move away from plastic six-pack rings, Corona is testing out a new type of beer can. The new cans have threading at the top and bottom that allow them to be connected and stacked on top of each other, creating a long staff of Corona beers.

Corona Fit Packs have been specifically designed for this interlocking feature, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. Not only will this allow Corona to sell beer cans without the plastic rings, but it will also allow for a wider variety of quantities to be sold. Apparently, the new system is strong enough to hold ten cans in a single stack.

Of course, ten cans would stand about four-feet-tall, which may or may not be more convenient to carry around than a traditional six-pack.

Six packs have proved to be a difficult problem for the beverage industry. As the world moves away from single-use plastics, companies have struggled to find an alternative way of packaging the popular piece of Americana. Corona is hoping that their new stackable cans are the solution.

In a promotional video for the new cans, Carlos Ranero, Marketing VP for AB 1nBev, says, “In the beverage industry, there have been many solutions for cutting back the use of plastic; however, none has been fully adopted because they require the use of other materials. This solution has a very simple approach that can bring great financial benefits thanks to the complete removal of plastic materials in packaging.”

The cans are being tested in Mexico, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. If they prove successful, they could be introduced into additional markets.