One of the few big Comic-Con-friendly titles not actually at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is Watchmen, HBO’s forthcoming show that’s not another adaptation of Alan Moore’s seminal comic but a continuation, set in the same universe but with (mostly) different characters. But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t get some love. Sure enough, attendees got to see a new trailer for the show, set to bow in the fall.

Like Moore’s original — and the Zack Snyder film from 2009 — Watchmen is set in an alternate universe in which superheroes are real but, apart from the all-blue Dr. Manhattan, not actually super. The original was set in the 1980s, when the comics were written, whereas the HBO show will take place a bit later.

The show will also feature the likes of Don Johnson, Jean Smart, Frances Fisher, and Tim Blake Nelson. See if you can spot all the references to the original, including a twist on the iconic Watchmen smiley face.