What We’ll Miss Most About Summer

Summer isn’t over by any means, but with school starting in many parts of the country and the smell of pumpkin spice already in the air, it sure feels like it’s winding down – and that is not good news for fans of summer. A survey found that 50% of respondents say they feel sad at the thought of summer ending. 63% said they wish summer lasted longer and a third of those who don’t want summer to end wish it lasted two months longer. And for some, it will. 54% of respondents said they plan to remain in summer mode even after the season is over.

Here’s what those surveyed said they’ll miss most about summer:

  1. Warm weather – 52%
  2. Wearing fewer layers of clothes – 45%
  3. Summery fruit – 38%
  4. Barbecues – 34%
  5. Eating ice cream – 33%