America’s Worst Drivers Are In These 10 Cities

Then you should probably steer clear of the cities with the worst drivers in America. Consumer Affairs did a deep dive into our driving habits and came up with “crash scores,” considering total car crash fatalities, total pedestrian fatalities, total fatal crashes caused by bad driving, fatalities due to positive BAC and percentage of fatal accidents linked to speeding. America’s worst drivers can be found in:

  1. Memphis, Tennessee (86.6 crash score)
  2. Baton Rouge, Louisiana (73.8)
  3. Albuquerque, New Mexico (50.8)
  4. Macon, Georgia (49.1)
  5. St. Louis, Missouri (47.4)
  6. Cleveland, Ohio (47.3)
  7. Detroit, Michigan (47.1)
  8. Victorville, California (47.1)
  9. Hesperia, California (45.6)
  10. Pueblo, Colorado (45.5)