Food Blogger Reveals THIS Is The BEST Peanut Butter Brand

The king of peanut butter … When it comes to peanut butter, everyone has a favorite brand. You’re probably thinking of it right now and are ready to defend it against anyone who might challenge your choice. One food blogger did the hard work of ranking the best and worst brands of peanut butter. He tasted 10 different brands and ranked them based on peanut flavor, saltiness, sweetness, and texture. His top choice probably won’t surprise many people — it’s Skippy. He says, “The wide world of peanut butter is rooted in nostalgia, but no matter what you grew up with, Skippy takes the crown.” Second on his list is Teddie — a smooth, natural peanut butter that many people may not be too familiar with. Next on the list is Jif, which most people would probably put right up at the top with Skippy. If you’re wondering about Peter Pan or Smucker’s … well, they can be found at the bottom of his list.