Friends is a show timeless enough that it will make a lot of people angry when it disappears from Netflix in 2020. For some people that will mean digging out their DVDs of the show if they want to watch some classic episodes, but there might be a new way to reenact some of your favorite scenes from the show.

Lego has done a great job over the years of making extremely faithful recreations of certain things from pop culture of history for the sake of cubic realism. And many of these come from the company’s Lego Ideas program, which lets fans make their own concepts and actually considers them if they get 100,000 votes. The latest set, which comes out on September 1, will honor the 25th anniversary of Friends.

The Friends set contains 1,070 pieces and sets you back $60 bucks, but you get all six Friends and a very faithful recreation of Central Perk, complete with the couch and chairs where many of the show’s scenes played out. Oh, and Gunther is there, manning the cafe much better than Rachel ever could.