Would You Rather Sleep Alone?

A new survey of couples found that 36% look forward to nights when their partner isn’t home … because they get the bed to themselves. That’s probably because 82% say their partner’s sleeping habits wake them up at night. The biggest issue? No surprise – it’s snoring. 52% of respondents said their partner’s snoring messes with their sleep. Other sleep-wrecking partner habits: being on their phone (33%), getting up at night to use the bathroom (33%), hogging the covers, (27%), tossing and turning (25%) or “starfishing” across the bed (21%).

Despite the sleep disturbances, most couples aren’t ready for a sleep divorce. 79% of respondents share a bed with their partner, while 21% either sleep in different rooms (10%), sleep separately in the same room (5%) or say it “depends on the night” (6%).