Your Bedroom Could Be Fueling Insomnia!

It may be your interior design choices!

First, let’s talk lighting… specifically, the position of your lights can impact your sleep. Like overhead lighting, or a sconce or bedside lamp that directs light downward. According to sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus, light that shines down is harsher on the eyes and can delay the onset of sleep up to an hour. It’s better to have light that shines upward, so it’s diffused. If you can’t change the direction of your lights, try installing a dimmer.

Another way your home décor could be keeping you awake? Your bedroom is cluttered… Whether you have a mountain of throw pillows, or piles of laundry. Psychiatry professor Dr. Emerson Wickwire says, clutter activates the brain and we should think of our bedroom like a place of worship, calm and soothing… And you wouldn’t pile dirty clothes in a place of worship, right?

Finally, what are your bedroom walls like? Dr. Wickwire says busy wallpaper, or a bright wall color, stimulates the mind. So what’s the best color for a bedroom? According to a study, people who slept in a pale blue room got the best night’s sleep. But harsh white and red have been linked to increased blood pressure – which is not conducive to a good night’s sleep.