A Minnesota woman who had her wedding dress packaged for preservation 14 years ago said she opened up the box to show it to her daughter — and discovered it was the wrong gown.

Wendie Taylor said she was watching a wedding episode of TV series Gilmore Girls with her 12-year-old daughter, McKayla, when she started telling the girl about her own wedding dress.

“After the episode, McKayla and I were talking and said, ‘You’ve never actually seen my dress.’ And she said, ‘No, I haven’t I’ve just seen pictures,'” Taylor told WCCO-TV.

Taylor said she opened the box that she received after taking her dress to Evans Garment Restoration, where she worked at the time in 2006, but was shocked to see the dress inside was not her own.

“It’s a beautiful dress. It’s not my dress,” she said.

Evans Garment Restoration has since changed ownership and installed a new software system, so employees have not yet been able to find the records that might lead to the other person involved in the dress mix-up.

Taylor posted a photo of the mystery dress, as well as photos of her own dress from her wedding, to Facebook in the hopes of finding the dress’ owner — and hopefully getting her own garment back.